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What one Linux Insider and Reviewer says about Peach OSI

Article by Jack M. Germain listed on TechNewsWorld - see the original article

Peach OSI is a new Linux distro that stands apart from the crowd. Its first stable version was just released in June -- yet it displays more performance traits and sophistication than many Linux distros that have been searching for an audience for years. In the crowded Linux distro field, it is very rare to find a newcomer that is not like any of the others. It is also rare to see a first stable release offer the kind of smooth performance and expansive feature set as Peach OSI. Peach OSI is a great starting point for Linux newcomers. It is also a solid choice for seasoned Linux users looking for a sharper edge. Peach is based on Xubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long-term Support). It uses the XFCE desktop environment, but not the standard issue variety. Its design pushes the XFCE desktop environment over the edge.

 Packed Powerhouse

The XFCE desktop is a computing environment workhorse. Its lightweight design is ideal for older and underpowered desktop computers. It runs quick and steady on netbooks and aging laptops. Even better is its solid fit on well-endowed hardware. Unlike other lightweight desktop options, XFCE offers more configuration options, which lets you more efficiently set up your desktop your way. It gives you full control to place application icons on a favorites bar in the main menu, on a traditional panel bar, and even on the desktop itself. All it takes is a right-click on any main menu item. However, Peach OSI's developers did not settle for integrating the standard XFCE interface. They added extra functionality to the user interface to make it more convenient and powerful. For example, the UI has a special visual application dock and the SlingShot Launchpad, making it a very suitable interface for really young kids. The UI also has tools to help users with visual and physical impairments. The 64-bit version can handle up to 126 GB of RAM, while the 32-bit version can run on 512 MB of memory or less. I ran it on a very old bare-bones laptop as well as on a supercharged desktop. Sure, Peach sputtered a tiny bit on the low-end rig -- but it loaded and ran. I can not say that about any other Linux installation I have tried in that sparse a setting, except for Puppy Linux. Peach OSI installs as a standalone system. Peach runs in a virtual machine or directly from a DVD or USB.

Coming Soon : Peach OSI Barebones

By popular demand - we are currently working on a Barebones version of Peach OSI. This version will have the same Xfce Desktop environment but without the added bulk of all of the installed software in the full version of Peach OSI. This Barebones version is for those of Linux aficionados who would prefer to install your own software. The target date for the release of this version is 11/21/2014. Check back often to see updates concerning this proposed version. Feel free to give us suggestions below as we move toward the completion of this project.

Update: Peach OSI & 14.04.1L.36 Released

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Peach OSI and 14.04.1L.36 are ready for download, released on Oct. 1st, 2014.

Peach OSI Long-Term Support

Peach OSI and 14.04.01L.36 is the third Long Term Support versions of Peach OSI as part of Peach OSI's 14.04's 5 year support cycle.

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Updating Peach OSI

Want Gimp to look and feel more like Photoshop®©?

If you have a version of Peach OSI prior to the download update version of or 14.04.1L36 and you would like for the Gimp Image Editor application's GUI to look and feel more like Photoshop®© follow this simple and easy to use tutorial.

First download this file while booted into Peach OSI. .gimp_2_8_photoshop_tweaks.zip.

Then while inside Peach OSI..



The Works Awesome Applications

Short list: Firefox, Libre Office, DigiKam, Entangle, Gimp, Blender, Banshee, Ardour3, Evolution Webmail, Homebank Finance Manager and more.


32 Bit or 64 Bit?

As a general rule, use the 32 bit version of Peach OSI if you have less than 4GB or RAM and the 64 bit version if you have 4GB or more of RAM.


Peach Pi TV

How about a Peach Distro that allows you to have a fully functioning HD Home Theater PC for the Raspberry Pi? Well we have it. And you know what? We use it ourselves daily. Fast, functional and full of HTPC features!!


Peach Pi 16.04

Now this is what I'm talking about! We've built a lightning fast full desktop system for the Raspberry Pi. Oh you can get many operating systems for the Raspberry Pi but you have never seen anything like this.


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