Peach TV 16.04 in both 32bit and 64bit are ready to download

  • 1 September 2016
  • Administrator

As promised, it's September 1st, 2016 nd Peach TV is ready to download. Both 32 bit versions and 64 bit versions have been created and uploaded.

You'll notice some big changes. WE'VE ADDED SOME OF THE BEST LINUX GAMES.

But the magic doesn't stop there..

Peach OSI 16.04 "Peach TV", "The Works", "Barebones" and "Netbook" are now ready for download

  • 24 August 2016
  • Administrator

We're proud to announce the release of Peach OSI 16.04 - the latest succession of our Peach Linux distros.

If you haven't tried Peach OSI lately, you don't know what your missing...

For access to the downloads page - go here...