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Purpose and Many Uses of Peach OSI

Add a New Layer of Security Online

Add a new layer of security online. Peach OSI is a Linux based operating system. Linux has proven to be safer online. Avoid all those attacks designed specifically to target the Windows® operating system. During installation, Peach OSI can install itself alongside Windows® for truly a dual booting system with OS options displayed at boot time. You can also run Peach OSI directly from a DVD or a USB stick or install it as a stand alone operating system.

Make Older Slower Computers Run Like New Again.

Make Older - Slower Computers Run Like New Again. Peach OSI utilizes less resources so those older machines boot and run applications faster. Re-purpose those computers that you thought couldn't keep up anymore. Examples: Install Peach OSI on a Dual CPU Laptop or Desktop with as little as 1Gb of RAM and as little as 8.6Gb of available hard drive space and give it to a child or to your parents or grandparents to use. Better still, create a Peach home computer specifically for making those online transactions more securely.

Peach OSI Redefines Computer Portability

Peach OSI Redefines Computer Portability! Carry Your Peach With You Anywhere There's a Host Computer. Peach OSI can reside entirely on a bootable DVD or USB stick making it possible to easily and securely carry your Peach in your pocket or purse. We sell both DVD's and USB sticks pre-installed with a bootable and an installable copy of Peach OSI. Of course, you can download Peach OSI and install it yourself to your own digital media totally free!


Peach OSI is Great For Kids TOO!

Peach OSI is great for kids too! Peach wasn't specifically designed for kids - but.... With Peach OSI's special visual application Dock and SlingShot Launchpad, children who haven't quite learned to read should have no trouble learning to navigate their Peach. Peach is also equipped with applications to aid those with visual and physical impairments. One of our upcoming projects includes creating a complete Peach just for kids! Donate to keep the projects going!

Positive Results No Matter How You Use Peach OSI

Peach OSI Utilizes Only the Best Free Open Source Software! Eliminate constantly having to buy and update costly computer software. When we say free we truly mean free. Every program installed on Peach OSI has been researched thoroughly based on 3 important criteria. First its functionality, second is its popularity and last but not least, its being truly free open source software. The net result is that there is never any trial software or other fees tacked on later. Best of all - if any of the open source software ever has an update, Peach OSI provides an easy way to access those - always - free -  updates!

Peach OSI Runs Great On Just About Any Computer

Don't Limit Peach OSI to those Older Machines! Do you have anI-3, I-5 or I-7 Gigamonster? No Problem... Peach OSI can run on the best super computers in the world too. With Wine® and PlayonLinux® pre-installed on Peach OSI you can run some of the best software and games designed for Windows® (with a little research).  Those Windows® specific programs do not come pre-installed on Peach OSI - the point being - Peach OSI comes to you loaded and ready to setup and run many Windows® programs.


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