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Peach OSI "Netbook" is now ready for download.

 We have designed "Netbook" on an Asus Netbook computer especially for Netbooks. You will be pleasantly surprised by "Netbook's" speed and functionality. We have included features like an auto-hiding taskbar and dock which allows your smaller screen appliance all of the available screen space for running applications. The on screen icons for the taskbar and dock have been enlarged for easier viewing and selection on small screens. Special wallpapers have been installed to give your desktop a larger and more pleasant appearance.

Peach OSI is now codenamed "The Works"

    We've just completed the largest update to Peach OSI in its short 5 month history. We have updated so many things in Peach that I will not be able to explain them all in one article but here are a few of the updates. It is currently available for download on our downloads page. Don't forget to refresh your browser if you have viewed the downloads page recently.  Otherwise, you may not be viewing the latest page.

New Download and Torrent Options

 As you probably already know, the Pirate Bay went down on Tuesday and unfortunately our torrent downloads were effected because many other torrent sites and torrent trackers were also affected. This prompted some research on our part and as a result we had several offers to help with the issue. One site,, has graciously taken on the task of not only hosting the torrents but also allowing us to directly upload/download the ISO's that contain Peach OSI.



The Works Awesome Applications

Short list: Firefox, Libre Office, DigiKam, Entangle, Gimp, Blender, Banshee, Ardour3, Evolution Webmail, Homebank Finance Manager and more.


32 Bit or 64 Bit?

As a general rule, use the 32 bit version of Peach OSI if you have less than 4GB or RAM and the 64 bit version if you have 4GB or more of RAM.


Peach Pi TV

How about a Peach Distro that allows you to have a fully functioning HD Home Theater PC for the Raspberry Pi? Well we have it. And you know what? We use it ourselves daily. Fast, functional and full of HTPC features!!


Peach Pi 16.04

Now this is what I'm talking about! We've built a lightning fast full desktop system for the Raspberry Pi. Oh you can get many operating systems for the Raspberry Pi but you have never seen anything like this.


Site Designed for Smart Phones

Simultaneously view our site Support Help or Video Tutorials on your Smart Phone while you install and begin to use Peach OSI on your computer.


More Questions?

Check out our Forum, FAQ sheet, or Fill out a Support Ticket. We also have Tutorials, Screenshots and Video Help available inside this site.


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