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Most common mistakes concerning WiFi not being automatically setup in Peach

Peach OSI will automatically setup more different WiFi cards and devices than most other operating systems combined.

WiFi Device

   After installing Peach OSI in any version if your WiFi is not working let's look at the possible reasons why. First things first. Did you check the little box at the beginning of the installation of Peach OSI to allow for Peach to connect to your WiFi during the installation process? Click on "Read More" below to continue reading this article.

Wi-Fi Downloading Issues

     Over the past couple of months we have had a rash of people complaining about slow and broken downloads of our Peach OSI distros. We are aware of the volume of  the download requests - both on our web host server and on Mediafire - and in some cases that is the issue (the volume of requests). But for a good number of those attempting to download Peach OSI that are having problems downloading, we have noticed one common thread. Most of those having issues are attempting the download while they are on their home Wi-Fi system.