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Most common mistakes concerning WiFi not being automatically setup in Peach

Peach OSI will automatically setup more different WiFi cards and devices than most other operating systems combined.

WiFi Device

   After installing Peach OSI in any version if your WiFi is not working let's look at the possible reasons why. First things first. Did you check the little box at the beginning of the installation of Peach OSI to allow for Peach to connect to your WiFi during the installation process? This is the most common reason for WiFi not being setup during the installation process. If you tick on that box you will be presented with a box to fill in your WiFi password prior to installing Peach. Really, it is best to have any and all gadgets (mice, keyboards, external drives, etc.) connected before you begin the installation of any OS, not just Peach. That's because many devices can be automatically setup during the installation process or else they may have to be setup manually after the installation. In setting up these devices during installation the OS looks at what hardware is connected to the PC and then it attempts to go out on the web and find the appropriate files and drivers for the OS to communicate with that or those particular pieces of hardware. If there is no connection to the internet available at the time of installation then the installation process of the OS is crippled to being able to setup most devices (especially no-standard devices) during the installation process.

One more thing of importance. If you gave the "live" process your WiFi password prior to the installation attempt - try the installation again without giving the"live" process your password. The reason being that if you gave the live process your WiFi password then you won't be given the box to check for WiFi during the install process. Be sure to also check the box to allow Peach to download any current updates while installing.


Some generic help:

Please note that before you or I can search the web or hope to correct your issue - you need to first determine what your WiFi card is. To find out what WiFi card is installed in your Peach Linux PC first type CTRL-Alt-T simultaneously to pull up a terminal screen while in any Peach version. Then while in Peach OSI and in terminal (Ctrl-ALT-T) type "lspci -vvnn", without the quotes. This should give you a list of all the hardware on your PC. Scan up or down the list looking for any reference to an item of hardware named wireless, wanlo, Wi-Fi or any other term that could determine your WiFi hardware. Once you find your WiFi card, write down all the info pertaining to your WiFi card. Then you can search the web for that particular card and any fixes that other users of that card have deployed in order to get your card working in Peach OSI. Perform your search by typing Ubuntu or Linux followed by the make and model of your WiFi card for best results.  If all of this fails feel free to create a
Support Ticket and I'll try to help you get your WiFi going. I will still need to know the make and model of your PC and the name of the WiFi card and its model number (if possible) so that I can help you further. Or you can simply leave any comments or questions below.

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