Patriot - Major Upgrade - New Features - Added Polish

  • 2 April 2019
  • Administrator

Would you existing Peach users like to have internet radio available to you on your computer? What about a full fledged equalizer to adjust that internet radio? If you answered yes - I would bet that you have a decent sound system that you could connect to your computer, right? I've got Patriot connected via Bluetooth to my sound system - I love it myself. So will you.

Perhaps you are a blogger or a YouTube producer of video or maybe even have a team of people to blog or produce video that need to stay connected. I have people who do all that with Patriot. So can you.

Are you a coder? A person who wants to build your own Linux distro maybe. Patriot is equipped with the tools that you will need. Who knows where you might go with it in this Linux world.