Patriot - Major Upgrade - New Features - Added Polish

  • 2 April 2019
  • Administrator
Peach OSI Patriot

 The Patriot Operating System

New Features

Would you existing Peach users like to have internet radio available to you on your computer? What about a full fledged equalizer to adjust that internet radio? If you answered yes - I would bet that you have a decent sound system that you could connect to your computer, right? I've got Patriot connected via Bluetooth to my sound system - I love it myself. So will you.

Perhaps you are a blogger or a YouTube producer of video or maybe even have a team of people to blog or produce video that need to stay connected. I have people who do all that with Patriot. So can you.

Are you a coder? A person who wants to build your own Linux distro maybe. Patriot is equipped with the tools that you will need. Who knows where you might go with it in this Linux world.

But that is where Patriot begins. We have included four - count them - 4 software package managers inside Patriot. They are - The Snap Store - The Discover Package Manager - the standard "new" Gnome Software Center (which sucks in my book) - and of course The Synaptic Package Manager.  We've also revved them all up with full Snap and Flatpack capability. We want you to have all of the options for available Linux software that is available.

For those already familiar with Peach OSI's desktop iteration of the XFCE desktop system you will not be disappointed with Patriot either. At first glance you will undoubtedly say nothing has changed. But once you have taken a closer look you will see that we've souped it up a bit more and given it a more modern look with added functionality. Now you can add any application to your desktop or to any of the three panels with just a few clicks of the mouse. Simply click on "Applications" - find the application - right click on it and place it wherever you like. Moving them in the panels is easy too - just right click on the icon in the panel and select to move. Then grab the application's icon and place it where ever on the panel you prefer. We've added a third panel hidden on the right side of the screen for coders and for system applications. Simply mouse to the far right of the screen to bring up this third hidden panel. Completely hidden when you don't want it and immediately available when you do. What do you think of that? Let us know.

There's more but you have some work to do. Click on the Download Patriot button above and let's get started. You will be glad you did.