Upcoming Releases

We currently have the following Peach OSI releases in either the development stages or the planning stages. The more staff that we can devote to these projects the faster that these projects will come to fruition. Please Donate to help us complete these important projects.


Peach OSI Educators

Peach OSI Student

For use by students from age 12 thru the first or second year of college. The main focus of this version of Peach OSI will be to give the student a reliable research tool while at the same time giving the student a heads up on scheduling, reporting and maintaining an easy to search database of learned and acquired knowledge that can go with the student year after year.


Target date for completion: Late Summer 2017

Peach OSI Educators

Peach OSI Educator

For use by teachers from Kindergarten to College Professors. Peach OSI Teacher is designed for educators to maintain teaching course notes and records with search functions geared to a teachers everyday needs. Peach OSI Teacher aids the competency of the teacher's online tools in a way that can be duplicated from student to student making the teaching experience more fruitful and fun.


Target date for completion: Early Fall 2017


Peach OSI Musician

Peach OSI Musician

For use by anyone who loves to create music in any format. Peach OSI Musician gives the musical artist the right tools to store, alter and reproduce their musical flights of fancy. In today's world, anyone who is contemplating a career in music must have at least a basic working knowledge of how to digitize their creations. Peach OSI Musician helps to get any musician on the fast track to success.


Target date for completion:Fall 2017

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