remove old Linux Kernels

How to Remove Older Linux Kernels in Peach OSI

  • 12 October 2018
  • Administrator

This is a brief 5 minute video tutorial that will show you how to clean out older Linux Kernels from within your Peach OSI installation after an update has been delivered via the standard update process in Peach OSI. We will be using Ubuntu Tweak and Grub Customizer to complete the removal - both of which are pre-installed on every Peach distro. You will not need to know and Linux Terminal commands all all the changes will be done with simple mouse clicks in the afore mentioned applications. It really is simple . By using the latest Linux Kernels as issued by Ubuntu and Xubuntu - you will help to insure that your PC is running at its utmost and as secure as is currently available. Please note the updated application name to use in this video is Ubuntu Cleaner now that Ubuntu Tweak has been deprecated.

You Can View the Video Below Full Screen at Youtube by Clicking Here