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Having trouble booting by USB Drive? Some older computers BIOS has no boot by USB options. Here's an easy solution.

  • 25 April 2017
  • Administrator

PLop Boot Screen

Ok so you have downloaded an ISO image of Peach OSI (or any other operating system) and afterwards you find out that your older computer has no options to enable your computer to boot by a USB drive and you would prefer to install the OS by USB drive simply because the installation is much faster. Well we've heard that problem for years and this issue seems to be resurfacing again as Peach users are installing Peach on computers that the user once thought was too old to make usable again. Ok, follow this article and we will show you how to boot by USB even if your BIOS has no options to configure your computer to boot by USB.

First things first.

This tutorial is written exclusively for Windows users and you will need the appropriate software (links provided) to make this USB or Floppy Disk boot system work. You will need to be able to boot either an old style floppy disk or you will need to be able to boot by CD or DVD. Most older computers built in the last 30 years can boot by one of these two options. You'll notice that I state one option was a CD drive or a DVD drive. Many older computers do not have a DVD drive and came instead with a CD drive. Good news! All you need is a CD drive! The other thing that you will need is a wired keyboard. This little gem of a fix will not work properly with a wireless keyboard. And last but not least, you will need a program to burn the ISO that I'll provide for you below.

A piece of freeware called PLoP Boot Manager solves this problem, offering an image that can burned to a CD or put on a floppy disk and enables you to boot to a variety of devices including USB drives. (Download to this zip file is available at the bottom of this article.)

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