Setup Completion for Wine (Enables Patriot to Run Windows Programs)

  • 8 March 2019
  • Administrator

To complete the setup for wine (the application that allows you to run Windows® programs on Linux systems). The Wine configuration cannot be pre-configured for you because Wine is user name specific.

While in Peach OSI Patriot

A.) Click on the "Applications" tab in the menu above
B.) From the menu pull- down scroll down the category (Left Side) and  find "Wine"
C.) Highlight the "Wine" Folder

D.) On the right side of the menu at the top select 1 - Wine for Windows (Run First to Setup Wine)

From there Wine will pretty much create a C: drive and configure itself... Just follow through the onscreen prompts and instructions.

E.) Next you'll want to click on the "Applications" tab in the menu above again

F.) From the menu pull- down scroll down the category (Left Side) and  find "Wine" again

G.) Highlight the "Wine" Folder again

H.) Select Q4 Wine this time

I.) Q4 Wine will open up with a window for you to setup wine through Q4 Wine - Follow through the onscreen prompts to complete - just keep accepting to install through the myriad of different pages. In the window that finally opens click on "system" on the left of the open window. You should see several familiar windows programs are already installed - like - Wordpad, Notepad, Internet Explorer and others. Congrats- you already have a Linux system ready to install some Windows Software.

J,) From here its up to you. We've installed PlayOnLinux which is a good way to begin to learn what Windows software that you can install into Peach OSI Patriot. Wine Tricks is also installed and you may find that you can successfully install some Windows applications that way that didn't work with PlayOnLinux.

K.) OK we've gotten you started with Wine. Wine is a 3rd party application and though we want for you to be able to use Patriot in anyway that you see fit - be aware that we cannot completely support how your luck goes with running any Windows software on Patriot. Your individual mileage may vary as Wine is a work in process. If you do have specific Windows software that you want to install into Patriot be sure to Google the name of the software ended with "wine support." That way you may find what others have done to get your software up and running on Patriot or any Linux system. Go here for more : how-to-install-and-use-wine-for-running-windows-programs-on-ubuntu.