What if your computer died? Would your hard drive and operating system boot in another computer? Patriot will!

  • 12 January 2019
  • Administrator

  As a responsible thinking individual I often like to play the : "What if?" game. Sometimes this game runs side by side with another question of, "Why is?". Pay attention now because I do not want to lose you. Let's start by thinking about a recent vacation that you or I may have taken. Perhaps we drove to our vacation location. Perhaps we took a plane or possibly even a boat or a train. No matter how it was that we arrived at our vacation spot, the trip to that location was not the reason for the vacation. That - hardware that we obtained the use of to get us there- was merely the means to get us to our vacation. Once there we could begin to truly relax and enjoy the time that we had allotted for our playtime. Once there we tried to do all the important things. We shared our time with our loved ones. We recorded as much as we could with photos and movies. Sometimes buying souvenirs or maybe collecting seashells or simply collecting stones. Whatever it was that we did it was all a part of trying to capture the moment and preserve those moments for remembering and retrieval at some later date.

  Ok, about now I'm sure that you are asking if I have lost all resemblance of sanity. LOL... Bear with me a few more minutes and I will try to explain. On a recent holiday excursion to visit family out of state I prepared my SUV in a way that can only be explained as a gadgeteer's first class insanity. I have installed a Pumpkin in-dash system in my SUV that runs Android, I also had along for the ride a Nexus 7 and my trusty iPhone for internet capability. For the almost 8 hour ride my wife and I could watch a movie, listen to internet radio - check on the performance of the engine - record video - you get the picture. The 8 hour ride just seemed to be more pleasurable than most but I digress... As we made the trip I began thinking about how all this hardware is useless without what I had programed it all to do. One thought carried me to another and I began to realize that were I ever needing to transfer this capability to another vehicle it would not be all that difficult to do. After all, most of it is portable. But then I began thinking about how non portable most of our computers really are. And from that moment on my holiday excursion became a thought fest of how to make Peach the most portable operating system in the world. I began with "What If."

  What if you could simply take the hard drive out of one computer - install it in another and poof - that other computer suddenly behaved exactly as it did on the original machine. No new setup - no re-installing anything - nothing to do at all. Just transfer the hard drive and you're ready to go. Have you ever tried that with any other operating system? You can forget it with Windows or OS X. Why is that? It's because those operating systems have been designed in such a way that once they are installed on any machine - they will only successfully run on that particular machine. It's intentional to keep you feeding at their trough. SO with my "What if", once I got home, I began working with Peach. I was astounded to find out that Patriot was initially very accepting of running on one machine when installed on another. I tried the same hard drive in several computers and with a bit of tweaking here and there I found that Patriot really didn't care what machine it was on. Patriot ran just as happily on a small netbook with limited resources as it did on the finest machine that I own. I'm not talking about re-installing Patriot on the netbook. I'm talking about pulling the hard drive directly out of an i7 machine in which it had initially been installed, then placing that hard drive in a lowly netbook and firing it up with no issues what-so-ever. Ok, there may be a few of you that do not see the implications. Let's go back to my vacation analogy. What is your vacation? Is your vacation the hardware - the car, boat, plane or train that you utilized in order to get you to your destination - is that your vacation? No it is not. Your vacation is the arrival to your destination and being able to take in the sites and record them all for posterity. In another words, your vacation is/was the data and information that you accumulated while you were there. The memories. What I am saying is that your computer is not the hardware that is required to get you to your your data. The hardware is necessary but what hardware you chose to use to get to your desired location doesn't ultimately determine the end result of your endeavor. One piece of hardware may be faster than the other, one may look nicer or be more efficient but in the end the meat of your journey lies solely on you and what you do when you get there. And so should it be with your computing experience. And with Peach OSI's free operating system, it truly is. It's more than just free. By George it's beautiful...

 Don't believe me, give it a try and you will see. Install Patriot on the hard drive of one PC and then take it out and install that same hard drive in another PC. Then think of the implications. You can clone one system and install an identical system in as many computers as you own or even in some that you personally don't own. Each an identical clone of the other. You do not have to worry about what differences or similarities there are between computers. And there is free software out there committed solely for just such hard drive cloning. (Clonezilla to name one) Not to mention data preservation. Now ask the question yourself - why is it that way with the other big boys on the block and their operating system - why do they tie your purchases to a particular machine? Me - I prefer to ask - What if?